Miami-Home-Loan Completes Another Good Closing!

Miami-Home-Loan Attorney Powell

Attorney Norman Powel & Michel

Another good closing, as Michel got his Miami Home Loan in place to move into his great new unit in Hialeah. Thanks goes to the Element Funding operations team, including our processor, Vanessa, and, title attorney Norman Powell.

Michel and I worked together since April of 2013 to get this deal put together!  We worked on credit questions, credit revisions, income, and, various other elements needed to get this file completed and ready to close. We did  cost estimates on many houses to show exactly the estimated costs of the purchase.  So, we are Element Funding are glad to help a buyer get ready to buy their home.   There were many unique property items about this property we needed to understand, and, Norman Powell, title attorney, did a fabulous job of getting these questions answered and the property questions identified.  We had to do a “Meets and Bounds survey”, and, he got that done right away for that part of the title work.   After a few more reviews, Michel did a great job on getting his needed documents together, and we at Element Funding got his Miami-Home-Loan ready to close.  And, the closing went very smoothly.

Miami-Home-Loan Closing

Element-Funding completes another closing!


The sellers were happy as they prepared to move on to their next adventure, and, Michel was happy as he prepared to be a 1st Time Homebuyer, and a new Miami-Dade County property tax payer.  By the way, it is a great time to become a tax payer.  We all need somewhere to live, and, a new home is a good tax incentive. 

Element-Funding & Norman Powell

On your income tax, In Florida, a tax payer not only gets to deduct the interest payments, but, also the mortgage insurance as a deductible expense on your tax return.  For more details, give your tax preparer a call to see how that may affect your tax returns and what deductions you may use.

Miami-Home-Loan-Closing Team




So, if you or, anyone you know, is looking to find a Miami Home Loan, or a South Florida Home Loan, to purchase their own first time home, or to refinance an existing property, and would like help in getting their best financing solution call me, Jim Carter at Element Funding, at 305-525-6742. Your Miami Home Mortgage expert!

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