Miami-Home-Loan & Element-Funding Close Another Great Buyer!

Miami-Home-Loan-Atty. Powell and Agent Nidia Cortes

Atty. Powell and Agent Nidia Cortes

Miami-Home-Loan Jennifer & Norman Signing

Jennifer & Norman Signing Docs

Miami-Home-Loan and Jennifer& Norman

Jennifer & Norman Happy To Close!

Another good closing, as Jennifer got her Miami Home Loan in place to move into her great unit in Miami!  Thanks goes to the Element Funding operations team, including our processor, Jade, title attorney Norman Powell, and buyer’s agent Nidia Cortes of EXP Realty LLC. If you want to know how I work with clients, here are some comments from a few past closed buyers,  The reviews are in the lower left of the left side bar.  Just click on the title “Reviews” in that sidebar, and it will take you to them.  Read them to learn about their experience!

Jennifer, Element Funding, Nidia, and I, Jim Carter, worked together since 2016 preparing her credit, her saving funds, and getting prepared to be a new home owner.  The effort, waiting and preparation all paid off!  It sometimes takes time and effort to buy in house in a neighborhood you like, with the amenities you like, and for the price you like!  We think she got all she was looking for at the time!  We also were able to get her into an excellent program that provided her a great rate, and, an affordable rate.  To read more about the program go to for more details. Now as a homeowner, she can deduct interest, PMI, and, increase her wealth as a Miami owner with her excellent Miami-Home-Loan.  To learn more about deductions you might qualify for, ask your accountant.

Jennifer made a very interesting point in her comments about the completion of the purchase.  Jennifer, gives a lot of credit to her mom support every step of the way!  It was always great to have you family helping you achieve your goals.  We all, appreciate the support provided by parents, friends, our loved ones, and, our.  spouse.  This is one of the major purchases we make, and having additional support is always great!

Miami-Home-Loan, Nidia, Jennifer, Mom, Norman

Miami-Home-Loan: Closing-Done-All-Celebrate

So, if you or, anyone you know, is looking to find a Miami-Home-Loan, or a South-Florida-Home-Loan, to purchase their own first-time home, or to refinance an existing property, and would like help in getting their best financing solution, call me, Jim Carter at Element Funding, at 305-525-6742. Your Miami-Home-Loan expert!  If you want to see what other buyers have said in their review, please go to  And, If you want to APPLY ONLINE NOW,  go to  . Click the APPLY NOW button on the right side of the screen and apply on our secured site.


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