Miami-Home-Loan Explores, How Long Will A House I Purchase Last?

Miami Home loan, and Element Funding, direct lending mortgage bank, review some factors in how to determine the value of a home you are considering buying.  The expected life of a house has many factors to consider.

Miami-Home-Loan helps value  a home ot purchase

Miami-Home-Loan Life of a Home?

Jim Carter, senior loan officer, reports on these home life expectancy factors.  And, If you need to APPLY ONLINE NOW go to  Click the APPLY NOW button on the right side of the screen and apply on our secured site. If you want to know how I work with clients, here are some comments from a few past closed buyers,  The reviews are in the lower left of the left side bar.  Just click on the title “Reviews” in that sidebar, and it will take you to them.  Read them to learn about their experience!

Miami-Home-Loan knows buying a house is a large financial decision.  So, when buying a home, you want to know how long the house will last before major repair costs are incurred. One way is to determine what has been updated, replaced, repaired, or improved on the house in question.  To do so, review the attached chart.  It gives estimated values for various parts of the property and what may need to be reviewed in more detail to determine future maintenance costs.


How Long Will Your House Last?


Reference is Florida Realtor Magazine, Volume 92, Number 8,March 2017, Page 32.

In addition to the life-expectancy determined, you will also want to complete a full home inspection.  This gives you the status of plumbing, electrical, roof, air-conditioning, and heating.  These inspections normally check the various components of each system for wear, operating condition, and, life-expectancy.  Here is and article we wrote some time ago to give you more information on the inspection: . When the inspection checks these items, they normally also produce a report called a 4-Point inspection which include the items mentioned such as plumbing, electrical, roof, air-conditioning, and heating.  This inspection is very important for the insurance company to determine the condition of each of the items which they use to determine the insurance quote.  The last item the inspector will do is a windstorm inspection, also referred to as a windstorm mitigation inspection, windstorm insurance inspection or wind mitigation inspection, is a kind of home inspection common in the coastal areas of the Southeastern United States.  It determines how well the house is protected from wind damage. To learn more about an inspection, take a look at  Max Home Inspections at

If the unit you are buying is a condo, then, there are some additional questions you will want to ask.  Here are a few of those questions to consider as well if it is a condo unit: .  So, informed with the answered to these questions, Miami-Home-Loan staff hopes you have plenty of information to make an informed decision on the home or condo you plan to buy.

With this information, your realtor can help with determining any cost considerations that should be discussed in any price negotiations on the property.  Your lender is very important to inform of the inspections as some of these items can affect your ability to obtain financing for the property.  So, with all this information, you should be able to make a very informed decision on the property.

So, if you or, anyone you know, is looking to find a Miami-Home-Loan, or a South Florida Home Loan, to purchase their own first-time home, or to refinance an existing property, and would like help in getting their best financing solution call me, Jim Carter at Element Funding, at 305-525-6742. Your Miami-Home-Mortgage expert!


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