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Miami Home loan, and Element Funding, direct lending mortgage bank, added another time saving program to their offering.  SimpleNexus gives a homebuyer or refinance customer a way to calculate their new home payment accurately.  Jim Carter, senior loan officer with Element-Funding, reports on the new mortgage calculator. A mobile-app!


The calculator assists will improving the buying process for a buyer.  The calculator has features that allows calculation of various financing programs, including an amortization table; an excellent scanning feature, educational articles, and, an excellent glossary for all those new mortgage terms in a mobile-app.

Download my mobile home mortgage calculator here:

It allows a buyer to select and compare programs from a purchase, a refinance, affordability (how much can I afford), and it saves past calculations.  Currently the purchase site is set up to calculate Conventional, FHA, Jumbo, and, VA loans.  The calculator asks for all the details.  It allows you to customize APR fees, MI rates, taxes, and insurance to ensure accurate calculations.  It asks for all the details like sales price, taxes, insurance amounts, HOA fees, your FICO scores, and from that information calculates an estimated mortgage payment.  So the borrower can run various scenarios via the mobile-app.

More Than P & I







It has a built in scanner that allows you to click, scan, and upload.  The built-in to-do list and scanner component makes document submission fast and secure.

Scanner and To-Do List

The affordability section asks you several questions about your sources of income, your monthly expenses, and, based on your input, gives an estimated amount of home you could purchase.  So, you can experiment and test various scenarios to see how much of a house you can afford right from your mobile-app.

The educational section has several articles on current topics within the mortgage industry.  It provides information the borrower needs.  Articles like what is the process to buy a home, tips for a smoother home purchase, and renting vs buying.  In this same area are new items that at contain stories affecting rates, market actions affecting rates, jobs data, and additional topics on the state of the current market.  It includes a very useful glossary section.

Glossary-Articles Section


Realtor Partner Relationship


There is a partner relationship section.  Realtor partners can have a custom app and embed their home search!





It is safe and secure!  Showing dedication to security, SimpleNexus has obtained a SOC2 security audit report.




It is important to look professional.  There is no better way to promote personal and company brands than with a custom mobile-app!  So call me to get yours.

Professional Appearance

Professional Appearance

Download my mobile home mortgage calculator here:

Miami Home loan staff is always a good source of information to keep you informed. To get pre-qualified, discuss a Miami Home Loan, or, just ask a financing question, please call me, Jim Carter, Loan Officer, at Element Funding, 305-525-6742.






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