MMAP Funds for 1st Time Home Buyers

Today I am working on finalizing a home loan that included the 4% MMAP (Metro Miami Action Plan) funds.   We are helping a great young 1st time home buyer get into her first property.  There are many young buyers, with great jobs, and a good income, but, not quite enough cash to close the transaction.  They want to keep some reserves to complete some make-over work in the new house, and, we help make it possible for them to buy.  This program gives them that little extra to feel comfortable makin the purchase.  And I, the lender, provide the buyers, agents, and title company with progress reports all during the process of the transaction. 

Call me for the details.

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  1. Jim Carter is the BEST! He goes above and beyond to make the whole mortgage process as painless as possible. We entered into contract on our home, and within ten days we closed! Jim even drove all the way across town to meet my wife at work just to have some paperwork signed. I can’t say enough good things. Very professional, very informative, very fast, very trustworthy…. A+++.
    -Cliff Melerine

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